Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup (2009)

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Run Time: 1 hour 38 mins 36 secs

"An American Coup. Directed by Dylan Avery with narration by Daniel Sunjata (from FX's "Rescue Me"), this title "explores historical events that reshaped the world from the Reichstag Fire in 1933 that catapulted Hitler to dictatorship - to the Gulf of Tonkin Incident in 1964 that led to the Vietnam War. The film leads the audience through a roller-coaster of pivotal history before delving into the largest event of all - 9/11. The film analyzes the steps America took in the aftermath of the disaster, and the suspicious events that followed."


  1. Anonymous // 8:20 PM, October 28, 2010  

    Bugger all to do with Loose Change-9/11-or any American Coup!?! (And a total waste of one hour of my time!)