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Run Time = 1:35:24
"Get ready for an intense, surreal, and disturbing up-close personal experience with the famous taxicab driver Lloyde England who claims the windshield of his cab was speared by a light pole that was allegedly hit by the plane that allegedly hit the Pentagon on 9/11. The physical impossibility of Lloyde's story is exposed as CIT deconstructs the details and takes a road trip with Lloyde to physically examine the actual cab that he still has preserved under a tarp on his 30 acres of woods in rural Virginia. In light of the now proven approach of the plane on the north side of the former Citgo gas station, proving it was nowhere near the downed light poles, it has become painfully clear why Lloyde's story doesn't add up. See www.ThePentaCon.com for more details"


  1. Anonymous // 9:50 PM, March 19, 2010  

    This man is obviously a dupe that has been messed with big time. All the signs of mind control/programming. Listen to him repeat " that's not where I was..."
    "illusion/reality" yeaqh