9/11 - The Birth of Treason

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Run Time = 1 hr 57 min 43 sec

This stunning new documentary provides the most comprehensive view of the evidence which proves 9/11 was an ... all » inside job. Also contained are the most recent and most in depth interviews with Dr. Steven Jones and Kevin Ryan of Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice. Dr. Jones covers his recent exchanges with NIST, freefall speed of the towers, and his research into Thermite/Thermate explosives. Kevin Ryan goes in depth about being fired by Underwriters Laboratories for blowing the whistle on data falsification. Also Interviewed:

Ellen Mariani : 9/11 widow currently under gag order for her lawsuit against United Airlines Kevin Barrett: Muslim, Jewish, Christian Alliance/ Truth Jihad radio program on GCN Michael Wolsey: 9/11 Truth.org steering committee board member and 9/11 visibility podcast, as well as Northern Colorado 9/11 Visibility. Joe Calhoon: Academy Award Winner for his assistance in the Documentary Panama Deception. Green Party Congressional Nominee.

And Others! Subjects covered: False Flag Terror, WTC Bombing of 1993, Controlled Demolitions, NIST Report Lies, 9/11 Commission Cover Up, NORAD Stand Down Order, Put Options, WTC Building Seven, Thermite/Thermate, Prior Knowledge, Motive, and a message for the Church and Nation.

Funding from the purchase of this video goes to the walk from Denver Colorado to Washington DC in order to demand a new investigation into 9/11.

This documentary covers amazing amounts of evidence to help demonstrate the undeniable fact that we have been lied to about the worst terrorist attack in US history. To watch for free:


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